How it Works

SPECIAL NOTE: Clicking the “add to order” button will add that item and create an order for delivery. There is no “check out” process. Only click the “add to order” button if you are ready to place an order for delivery. Thanks!

  • Enter your contact and delivery information. No payment information will be collected from you at this time.
  • Be sure to type instructions on how to find your house and any permanent delivery instructions such as “the cooler is inside the garage” or “please put away groceries.”
  • As long as your account is active you will receive a weekly email with a little update and reminder to place your order.
  • Click here to visit the Delivery page for order deadlines and delivery schedule. If you miss the deadline we will gladly take your order late. If you are cancelling for the week you may still get your delivery if you miss the deadline so please be in touch.
  • If you’d like to set up a standing order you may do that online. This is the order we will automatically deliver to you if we don’t hear from you. This way you know you’ll always get your staple items. Just don’t forget to cancel if you’re going to be gone.
  • You can cancel or change your order anytime before your order deadline.
  • You can add on to your standing order every week and/or change it anytime you like.
  • Note any special product or delivery instructions on your order notes.
  • There is no process to “submit” your order. Once you click the add to order button on a product you have just added it to your order and it’s a real order scheduled for delivery.
  • We request a small minimum order – Click here to check the Delivery page for your minimum, we’re sure you’ll find lots of goodies that you want!
  • Leave your cooler out for your delivery.
  • Put ice or blue blocks in your cooler to keep your goodies cold in the warmer weather.
  • Put a couple of towels in your cooler so we can wrap your more perishable items to insulate them.
  • Leave your empty paper egg cartons and produce boxes (only return clean cartons and boxes please!) for us to pick up. We can reuse them if they are clean!
  • We will deliver to your work or a friend if that works best for you.
  • We will be glad to put your order in a frig in your garage or house, just ask.
  • The delivery/fuel charge is small and used to help offset the cost of gas, repairs & maintenance and the cost of delivery or picking up our local products. Click here to visit the Delivery page for more information.
  • Leave your payment for the current week’s delivery for us to pick up or pay electronically from our website or use your bank’s billpay feature or set up an electronic auto-payment with us. We’re flexible!    Note: You may have items that need to be weighed, if so your invoice on the day you order will not exactly match how much you will owe on your delivery day. (When you order weighed items you are only charged for the first pound at the time of your order.) We update orders the night before your delivery, so the email you receive on the morning of your delivery will have an accurate amount due.
  • If you leave a cash payment please put it in a sealed envelope and write your name and the amount paid on the envelope.
  • If you leave a check payment please be sure to write the name on the check that matches the name on your account so we know who the payment belongs to.
  • We have Paypal as an electronic payment processing option if you’d like to use it. There is a convenience fee to use this service. This way only folks who prefer to use the online payment system pay the fee and we can continue to keep our prices the same. To use this payment method click the “view/edit my account tab”, then click the invoice history link. From here you can review your account and pay electronically.
  • I’m sorry to have to add this info – Payment Terms: Payment is due upon delivery with the remainder of the account paid by or with the following week’s delivery. If it has been 10 days since your delivery and your bill is not paid, there is a $5 late fee per week. There is a $35 fee if your bank returns your check unpaid or if your check has to be run through twice. If we are forced to send your account to collections there are additional fees. By placing an order you agree to these terms.
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