Groceries delivered to you whether you’re on vacation or at home
for roughly half the price you’d pay in Telluride or other mountain communities


Waste time shopping
Pay Telluride grocery prices


Enjoy your vacation or time off work
Pay a reasonable price for your groceries

Specialty Items:

Divine Fish & Meat

Place order directly with them

They will send your order to us

We will confirm order with you

We pay for your order and bill

you for fish/meat plus delivery

Mom N Mi Bakery

For fantastic gluten, egg, dairy

& nut free baked goods click

below on Mom N Mi Bakery

for details


Delivery Fee

RESIDENT RATES (Full or Part Time)

$25 Delivery Fee to Telluride  (Wed. or Sat. Delivery)
$5 extra if order exceeds $200 (+$5 each $100 over $200)

$5 extra for each additional stop

$20 for orders placed only with Divine Fish & Meat

(Plus $5 extra each $300 spent from Divine Fish)

(Please order directly with Divine Fish & Meat)


$55 flat rate for groceries (multiple stores included)

$20 for orders placed only with Divine Fish & Meat

(Plus $5 extra each $300 spent from Divine Fish)

Click pricing below to see all details

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Grocery Stores:

Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage
City Market (Kroger)

Divine Fish & Meat

Or, Elsewhere


To your door

Order VIA

Website, phone, email










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