About Us

IMG_9540 (1)Hello!

We are John & Jodi Barber of Mountain Top Delivery and we are pleased to offer you a tremendous selection of local, natural and organic grocery items that we deliver right to your home… for less than the price you’d pay in Telluride or other  mountain  communities or driving to Montrose yourself!

To round out your shopping needs we offer a full line of grocery items…many of our customers find that we meet all of their shopping needs.

We have options to meet every family and lifestyle need.

DairyOur dairy products and eggs come from animals with no added growth hormones or routine antibiotics. We offer Colorado organic milk; farmstead cheeses; yogurt; butter; ghee; and cage free, farm fresh eggs all from Colorado farms.


ProduceOur produce is as local as possible coming from our neighbors first, the Western Slope second, Colorado third, USA fourth and only imported when we have to or when an item simply is not grown in the USA. During our local growing season we offer all-local boxes and, of course, during the winter months more of our produce comes from elsewhere.

MeatWe offer a tremendous selection of locally raised meats including beef, lamb, goat, pork and seafood caught by local fishermen. Our sausages, bacon, sandwich meats and hotdogs are all nitrate free (except that which is naturally occurring in celery or other natural “cures”).

From granola, to bagels to bread, and coffee cakes to scones; our bakery items are delicious and local! We bake our breads and bagels in small batches and we also work with small, artisan bakeries and some larger bakeries to bring you a great selection. We even have many GLUTEN FREE items.

LocalSupporting local producers is our passion! You will find local honey, coffee, sunflower oil, apple juice, lemonade, and more.


PreparedFoodsWe make many tasty items in our commercial kitchen. Pesto, hummus, breads, quiche, jams/jellies, pasta sauce, meatballs and coffee cakes are just the beginning!



PantryIn addition to the wonderful local products that we deliver, we also offer national brands to round out your shopping needs. Many of our customers find that they never need to set foot in a traditional grocery store again. If we don’t offer something you want, just let us know. We may be able to start offering the item or give you a case discount to purchase in bulk.


RawMilkWe don’t sell raw milk, but in the spirit of supporting local farmers we wanted to let you know about two farms who provide raw milk shares. Barn Dog Ranch for goat shares and Amberview Farm for milk shares. Contact them directly for more information.